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Standard Frame

Fits Taller Sizes

Step Thru Frame for Easy On/Off

40+ Miles

Upright Riding for Long Cruises

Comfort and Power


The upright seating position allows you to ride comfortably for long distances as it reduces back strain and places more weight and pressure on the hips and legs.

Ride Anywhere

Legal on Roads and Multi Modal Paths as well as bike trails.


20-40 miles depending on rider weight, terrain, incline, level of assist, etc.


Choose between Standard (step over for larger riders) or Step Thru ( easy on/off fits all sizes)-

All of our E-bicycle rentals include  upgraded gel saddles, leather grips and mirrors that make it the perfect choice for riders who put comfort first on every ride. Helmets, locks and water bottle holders all included with Free Delivery in The Villages! 

1 Day   $49.00

2 Days $95.00

3 Days $135.00

5 Days $199.00

Week   $225.00

Month $600.00

+tax +fees

Ride1Up E- Bikes 

Choose from our high performance Ride1UP line with your choice of a step thru frame or standard bike frame.The Ride1Up has an upright riding position and our most powerful 750 Watt motor for long distance cruising. Cruise up to 20mph with a range of 30+ Miles! Varied electric assist modes as well as 7 speed conventional shift coupled with disc brakes and upgraded gel saddles makes your ride a pleasure! 

Step Over Frame

Great for Larger /Taller Riders

Step Thru Frame

Fits All Riders

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