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Standard Frame

Fits Taller Sizes

Step Thru Frame for Easy On/Off

Fits Most Sizes !

Upright Riding for Long Cruises



The upright seating position allows you to ride comfortably for long distances as it reduces back strain and places more weight and pressure on the hips and legs. The ergonomically designed seating position allows for added visibility so you can see more of what is happening around you, keeping you safe and alert for the unexpected.

Ride Anywhere

The nice thing about our electric bike is that you don’t have to get it registered with the DMV and you are free to travel so many places a car can’t. Enjoy seeing more!


Class 3 electric bike, with pedal assist


Powerful 750w (peak) 500W (sustained) geared motor with 52nm torque


20-40 miles depending on rider weight, terrain, incline, level of assist, etc.


Choose between Standard (step over for larger riders) or Step Thru ( easy on/off fits all sizes)


Frame geometry & components built for "the most comfortable ride ever"

About E- Bikes 

Haven’t ridden in a while? The smooth, powerful boost helps you get out for exercise, enjoy the outdoors, and feel that kid-like freedom you only get while riding a bike.

"Such a beautiful bike and so much fun! I can’t wait to go back out today"! Sandra K.

Whether you’re on pavement or dirt, the extra power helps you make short work of any climb, leaving you with more energy to enjoy the ride.

"Sleek looking, great handling, 55 miles on my first charge. I love the way this bike looks with the semi integrated battery, nice sleek lines and angular frame. Makes me think of some kind of classic Harley from the '50s. On my first charge I wanted to see what kind of range I could get, so I used mostly level 3 (out of 9), with occasional bursts of throttle for the sheer thrill of it! The battery was exhausted at exactly 55.0 miles, which I think is outstanding for  a 500 Whr battery. Handling is excellent, feels lighter and more refined than some of the more well known,BIKES AT 2X THE PRICE"!

Electric Bike Rental $39 Day

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• What does Pedal Assist mean?

Pedal assist is a mode that provides power only when you are pedaling. The pedal assist mode is also nice because you can focus purely on your pedaling and you don't have to hold the throttle in a certain position.

How Far Can E- Bikes Go?

The general range estimate for an electric bike varies from 20-100 miles on a single charge. Yes, it’s really wide! That’s because there are so many factors that determine your range—some you can control, some you can’t. Those you can include the size of your battery, the efficiency of your motor, the level of motor assist you select, and how much weight you’re carrying. Those you can’t include wind, weather, temperature, and terrain.

• Are ebikes allowed on the road?

An ebike is just like any other bike and are allowed on roads in bike lanes and on the pedestrian trail as well as the multi-modal trail which runs throughout The Villages. Please follow traffic laws, be safe, and have fun!

*21 Years Minimum Age

Computer Set Up

E- Bikes vs Pedal Bikes Workout

Pedal-assist electric bikes can provide essentially the same intensity of a workout as conventional analog bikes, according to a new study by public health professors at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah.

On a 6-mile test loop, riders of electric mountain bikes and regular mountain bikes both reached the upper half of the vigorous intensity zone for target heart rate, the researchers found. (Per CDC guidelines, the researchers categorized “vigorous intensity zone” as 70 to 85 percent of each test subject’s estimated maximum heart rate, calculated by subtracting the subject’s age from 220.)

The study also found that participants on the ebikes didn’t feel like their riding was physically taxing even though they exercised at almost the same physical intensity as their counterparts on non-electric bikes—the average heart rate on an eMTB was 94 percent of the average heart rate on a conventional mountain bike.

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